What’s your Sky Soles style and why is quality footwear important to you?

I like a classic heel style that adds height. Quality footwear is important to me because I've worn bad heels to work and ended up being unable to walk back to my car from sheer pain. I had to ice my ankles and elevate my feet after that day’s flying. I thought it was a normal reaction from flying until I bought good quality footwear and realised it was actually the shoe.

Top 3 travel tips

Have comfy clothes/shoes because sitting on a plane for 18 hours in tight jeans is not going to end well.

Get lost and explore.

Drink lots of bottled water and wear sunblock.

Share with us an interesting fact about your role/team/work area

I'm cabin crew for a Kiwi airline; an interesting fact about my role is that on average I interact with over 600 people on any given day.

What’s the most memorable thing you’ve seen out an aircraft window?

I was lucky enough to see the aurora borealis (southern lights) while flying in New Zealand.