What’s your Sky Soles style and why is quality footwear important to you?

I am loving the height of my Sky Soles. They are perfect for me to wear both in and out of the cabin which makes it easier for me (without having to change shoes on board and carry a spare pair in my crew bag). The quality of the shoes I wear during an 8-10 hour shift is extremely important as I'm on my feet for the majority of this time. 

What is your favourite destination?

My favourite destination is Honolulu in Hawaii. I love stepping out into the beautiful sand, having a swim, enjoying their acai bowls and stepping into relaxation mode. It also has perfect weather all year round.

Top 3 travel tips

Only take carry on to save time when you arrive!

Always pack moisturizer and lip balm!

Flying dries out my skin. Pack socks and warm clothes for the flight!