What’s your Sky Soles style and why is quality footwear important to you?

In my job I do a combination of long-haul international flights, and short-haul domestic flights. My feet need a soft, comfortable and durable platform for me to be able to operate safety and efficiently in. I also like to feel good while wearing them. That's why my choice is the Sky Soles high heel.

Top 3 travel tips

Patience is the key! It's very easy to freak out about running out of cash, or missing your connecting flight. Try to utilise the whole experience and make the most of your time away. Take a deep breath and remind yourself that things could be worse.

Wake up early! The morning is the best time for travellers. You get the most beautiful pictures and you always skip the queues to attractions. You're away, so get as many hours out of your day as possible.

Pack a sarong! This item is essential. Sarongs can be used as beach towels, sun protection, extra warmth if you're cold or even coverage if you're entering sacred temples. Super handy and lightweight.

What is your favourite destination?

Croatia! The sunshine, the people, the beaches! The water is so salty your whole body will float. Everyone has to go!