What’s your Sky Soles style and why is quality footwear important to you?

Been on my feet 10-12 hours each day, I need great quality and comfortable heels. I would highly recommend Sky Soles shoes as they are stylish yet comfortable. I have being wearing the 'Brisbane' shoe and have been showing them off in the crew room each day. At the end of my duty, my feet still feel like I am wearing slippers to work!

What is your favourite destination?

My favourite destination has to be New York City. It really is the city that never sleeps and there is always something exciting to see. Every street feels like a set of 'Sex and the City' and the architecture is amazing.

What’s the most memorable thing you’ve seen out an aircraft window?

The most memorable thing I've seen out of an aircraft window is the Southern Aurora Australis on a late night flight to Hobart. The shooting beams of coloured lights were magical across the night sky and something I will cherish forever.  

I've also been fortunate enough to see Morning Glory on a flight across the Gulf of Carpentaria. This is a rare cloud formation which the clouds look like they are rolling waves. (I must admit I was a little surprised when the tech crew asked if I'd like to come into the flight deck and see some Morning Glory...)