How has the world of ecommerce changed Australian retailing?

With expenses like rent, electricity, shopfitting, and insurance being virtually non-existent for online retailers, we’ve seen an increase in the quantity of online stores and the pricing of retail goods become a lot more competitive. This means more choice for consumers, and more competition in the retail industry.

However, while the competition is fierce, many retailers find their customers are making the purchase decision online, but will opt to collect the items in store. Alternatively, customers may find an item on a particular website, then check marketplaces like eBay to see if they can get the item any cheaper.

Neto’s vision is to create an ecosystem which enables our customers to simplify their world and provide a seamless experience for their customers. This means providing an exceptional and consistent customer experience via any channel, be it in store, online, or through a marketplace.

Share with us how your passion for quality software assists Australian businesses?

Starting as online retailers ourselves, creating a powerful and effective retail management solution was necessary. The only other options available were too expensive, lacked vital functionality, and were inflexible to work with. Now, eight years later, we proudly power thousands of Australian retailers. We’re constantly improving our offering to ensure our customers can run their businesses as efficiently as possible and sell on every channel available to them. We constantly receive feedback from our customers about how they have been able to redeploy their team from data entry to growth activity, and drastically increase their overall revenue thanks to Neto.

Share with us an interesting fact about your work area

In our Brisbane headquarters, we have a scooter track that runs around the whole office. Our team members jump on a scooter to get to meetings quickly and zip around when they need to chat with someone in a different department. Plus, it’s a whole lot of fun!