What is your background in Footwear?

I’ve been brought up just about as close to footwear as you can be. My grandfather started off his career as an apprentice shoe repairer, before opening up his own shoe repair store, which has since been expanded, and seen a downscale of repairing and an increase in stock sales to fit with changing consumer demands throughout the years. The store is now run by my Dad, and I’ve spent five or so years working there myself part-time; serving customers, doing stocktakes, creating shoe displays, working on the social media and so on.

Why is quality branding and design important to business, and how is this reflected through Sky Soles?

Good design is the centre of all quality products. Whether looking at the materials that go into creating each Sky Sole shoe, or looking at the box in which they arrive, thought has been put in to ensure that the product is of the best outcome. From my perspective as a graphic designer, good design should be simple and easy to understand, while being visually pleasing and engaging.

What’s the most memorable thing you’ve seen out an aircraft window?

I have always loved looking out the window, at the aircraft wings during take-off and landing, watching the flaps move about, or the ground closing in just before touch down.